“S2 Episode 2: Gospel”

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Questions for small groups or personal study.
Season 2 Episode 2: Gospel
#LongStoryShort  August 22, 2021

  1. Look at the Great Commission and discuss the implications for all of us today? Break down and discuss each facet of the commission. How is the church the vehicle for this? Matt. 28:19-20
  2. What is the gospel? What parts of the gospel message are absolutely vital for it to remain the gospel? What are modern distortions of it? 
  3. How is Acts a continuation of the mission and message of Jesus? Discuss the foundation of the church and the role the Holy Spirit plays through Acts.
  4. How is Acts transitional in the greater timeline and storyline of the Bible?
  5. Discuss the expansion of the gospel as it follows the directions given in Acts 1:8. (Expansion to the Jewish believers and the coming of the Spirit in Acts 2 and the inclusion of the Samaritans Acts 8 and the inclusion of the Gentiles in Acts 10.)