“Job Description of a Christian Minister”

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Sermon Notes


Questions for small groups or personal study. 

Job Description of a Christian Minister | Colossians 1:24-2:5  

#CenterofAllThings October 10, 2021

  • What’s your main takeaway from the sermon? 
  • Which of the points from the sermon outline below stuck out to you the most? and why?  
  • How does this sermon and message apply to you even though you may not be a full-time minister or pastor? What part do you play in this?  
  • In 1:28, what does Paul mean by stating his goal to “present everyone mature in Christ?” How is the Christian life one of maturing and growing? (microwave or crockpot) Compare Eph. 4:11-14; Phil. 3:13-14; Col. 1:28. 
  • Paul says he has a great struggle for them and then goes on to list words of his prayer for them and the church at Laodicea. Examine his prayer and discuss what he prays for. (Col. 2:1-3)