“God or Money”

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Luke 16:1-13
Q1: Review the storyline of the dishonest parable? What questions do you have about the parable? Why do you think some say it can be challenging to understand? How do you understand it? 
Q2: How can a mindset for the future or lack thereof influence our management of wealth, time and money? Does the here and now really influence our future destination (eternal dwelling vs. 8)? 
Q3: What different applications can we draw out from this parable (1-13)? Can you summarize it all with one major conclusion from it all? 
Q4: In what ways do we serve money and how instead could we serve God with our money? 
Q5: Now quickly examine/scan the rest of chapter 16. How do the next verses 14-31 generally add what Jesus has been teaching so far? Why do you think Luke would have put all these parables and teachings the order he did? What major themes is he trying to communicate to us in chapter 15-16?