We’re Almost There

We are almost there! I can’t help but sing the words in this song, “Almost There” with Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. (Glad nobody can hear me as I type:) I know how incredibly ready Jamie and I are for our baby girl to come and I can’t even begin to imagine what it was like for Mary and Joseph. All the stress and all the mess that comes with birth, not to mention the travel they endured, plus the difficult conditions they went through in Bethlehem. How were they not just overwhelmed? This song certainly brings all the eagerness, frustration, and confusion into perspective. I know the word perspective is a word Jamie and me have thought a lot about lately. You carry this child and endure this pain in order to deliver something far better. In a much greater way, Jesus came and endured all the pain and mess of this world to deliver for all mankind something far better: salvation. One day Jesus is coming again, but until then, we are almost there.

In Christ,
Jordan Moody