“What is Greatness?”

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FEBRUARY 28, 2021 / LUKE 22:24-38


Q1: What do you learn from Jesus’ prayer for Peter? Why do you think he singles Peter out? What does he instruct Peter to do? Why? (Luke 22:31-34)
Q2: Examine Jesus’ “high priestly prayer” in John 17. What are Jesus’ greatest concerns for his disciples and his followers? What is on his mind just hours before he gets arrested?
Q3: What is greatness? What is greatness according to the world’s kings? What is greatness according to God’s kingdom? How should we measure and value true greatness? (22:24-30)
Q4: In what ways, can we grow to value and promote true greatness in God’s kingdom within our church community?
Q5: What does a good leader look like according to Jesus? Is this the kind of leaders we elevate in the church? Is this the kind of leaders we look up too? Why or why not?