“Vision Changes Everything”

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Luke 11:29-54 
Q1: If “Vision changes everything,” than how does our vision of the world, humanity and God shape our entire being? (healthy eye vs. bad eye; Luke 11:34) 
Q2: How can our vision of the world, humanity, and God shape our use or misuse of money? (Notice how Jesus specifically references greed, aims and tithing in Luke 11:40-42) 
Q3: Compare 1 Peter 2:9-12 and John 3:19-21 with the passage in Luke we discussed today? What do you learn from this? 
Q4: Which of the Woes Jesus pronounces onto the Pharisees and Lawyers do you think we have the most difficulty with today? Or what are our most obvious “blind spots?” (Luke 11:31-54; Six Woes: Legalism, Fame, Graves, Burdens, Hypocrisy, Hinderance)