“To Judge or Not to Judge”

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Hope Group Sermon Discussion Questions

1. What was your take away from this message?

2. How do you think people generally view Christians as a whole? How about in our state? Or in our town?

3. What is mercy? What does it look like? Examples.

4. What is discernment/judgment? What does it look like? Examples.

5. Is it possible to be merciful and discerning at the same time?

6. What does this passage (Luke 6:37-42) mean? What does it not mean? (judging, condemning, forgiving, giving, the parable of the beam and the speck)

7. EXTRA CREDIT: Reconcile and explain how these passages work together: 1 Cor. 4:4-5 and 5:12-13 (always look at their context)