“The Upper Room”

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FEBRUARY 21, 2021 / LUKE 22:1-23


Q1: Why do you think God has used the activity of sharing a meal to communicate his new covenant? What is God telling us about a meal like the Lord’s Supper and our relationship with God?
Q2: Discuss the points (A-G) under the “Meaning of the Lord’s Supper.” Which one resonates with you the most and why?
Q3: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are ordinances/sacraments of the church, both of which have been debated for centuries. Describe the differing views of the Lord’s Supper and how you have come to interpret the elements of the table.
Q4: What is the New Covenant described by Jesus in Luke 22:20? As a group explore more facets of New Covenant by using Jeremiah 31:31-34 to help guide your understanding.
Q5: Compare John 6:47-58 and Luke 22:19-20. What is Jesus saying and what is he not saying?