“The Lost Parables” Part II

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Luke 15:11-32
Hope Small Group Questions
Q1: What part of the Prodigal Son story stands out to you after hearing this sermon? Explain. 
Q2: What do we learn about the heart of God from the Lost Parables of Luke 15? Be specific. 
Q3: The lost son had a moment when he “came to his senses.” Leon Morris shares a quote in response that statement: “Hardship has a wonderful way of bringing people to face the facts:” Share a time in your life when this was true for you. 
Q4: In what ways are we like the elder brother in the story? 
Q5: Postulate what you think might have happened after Luke 15:32 both in the parable and outside of it. We don’t know how the elder brother responded and we don’t know what the crowds listening to Jesus may have thought or reacted. But what do you think happened?