“The Lost Parables” Part I

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Luke 15:1-32
Hope Small Group Questions 
Q1: As a group, look over Leviticus 11 and the Jewish ritual dietary laws for cleanliness and holiness. Now read the accusation from the Pharisees in Luke 15:1-2. Do you see why Jesus’ table fellowship with “sinners” here is so scandalous? 
Q2: Now compare question 1 with Matthew 15:1-20? What is Jesus teaching them? (further study: Acts 10) 
Q3: Compare and contrast all three lost parables. What is similar and different about each one? Luke isn’t just repeating the same exact thing three times in a row, so what do we progressively learn as we read through the parables? (Luke 15:1-32) 
Q4: The heart of the gospel is recognizing our position as lost without Christ. How does Romans 8:1-4 apply to the Lost Parables?