“The Dress Rehearsal”

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Q1: What is your one takeaway from the sermon on Luke 21?
Q2: Why would Jesus’ words in Luke 21:6 be so shocking to Jews in the first century?
Q3: How is Luke 21:9 actually encouraging to those who follow Jesus?
What did it mean for those in the 1st century and what can we learn from this passage for us today?
Q4: Luke 21:9 says they will be “put to death” but then in verse 18 it says, “not a hair of their head will
perish.” So what is Jesus talking about and what does he mean by this?
Q5:  How can we read Luke 21 and actually stay calm and look up instead of fret and worry about these
apocalyptic passages, talk of the “End Times” and the current state of our own nation?
Q6: Nations rise and fall but what really will remain and last in the end? See 1 Corinthians 13:13 and how does this passage 
inform our lifestyle today?