“Some Do, Some Don’t”

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Hope Group Sermon Discussion Questions 
1. Talk through the parables given in this chapter of Luke. Which part of the parables most stuck out to you? (parable of soils/sower, soils explained, lamp and jar, story of Jesus’ mother and brothers) 
2. Today we must be careful of allowing the culture of constant arena entertainment to infect our hearts at church. While also remembering the culture of a church is more a posture of your heart than is is a style, genre, or denomination. How can you create an atmosphere of being a true hearer and a true doer of the Word here at HFC, rather than just simply wanting to be entertained by an experience. 
3. What is a parable? Why would Jesus speak using parables and not just “say it as it is?” 
4. What are the details and elements of good soil? Luke 8:15 
5. Who does the work, God or man? Both? 1 Cor. 3:6-8.