“Season 1 Episode 4 -Israel”

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Questions for small groups or personal deeper study.
S1 Episode 4 Israel (Genesis 25-Exodus 3) #LongStoryShortHere are the passages from the major movements from the sermon:Genesis 25:21-28 – Birth of Jacob and Esau
(Gen. 50:20-21 – God works it out for good)
Genesis 27:18 – Jacob’s deception for the birthright
Genesis 28:12-16 – Jacobs ladder
Genesis 32:24-31 –  Jacob/Israel wrestles
Gen. 50:24-25 – Joseph’s bones
Exodus 1:8 – King didn’t know Joseph.
Exodus 3:13-15 – God’s name
Exodus 3:7-8 – God comes down1. Talk through the movements as they are listed above from the sermon. What story stuck out to you? How does it fit in to the meta narrative of the Bible? Does it point us to Jesus in anyway?
2. Often, God chose the younger instead of the older/firstborn to receive his blessing. Why do you think this is? What do we learn from this pattern?
3. Think of as many stories in the Bible where God works in unexpected ways that is contrary to the prevailing wisdom of man. (David and Goliath example #1, Jacob chosen instead of Esau example #2)
4. Why is John 1:50-51 so significant and what is Jesus saying here?
5. Why do you think God changes Jacob’s name to Israel? Why do you think this took place in the manner and sequence that it did and why a wrestling match of all things? What do you think is being communicated here through this story?
6. Discuss the significance of God revealing his name as “I AM WHO I AM”
7. Extra credit: Genesis 50:24-26 — Joshua 24:32. How cool are these verses?