“S1 Episode 8: “A Kingdom Divided” Josh Prather

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  • King Solomon became distracted and fell in love with the things God hates. What distractions (even good things) might be winning over our affections? (1 Kings 11:9-13)
  • What can we learn about the importance of our personal walk with God along with our influence of others from the example of Jeroboam and David?
  • One of Ahab’s biggest criticisms was his acceptance of sin and denial of God. What sins has our culture deemed acceptable? What sins do we overlook/excuse in our own lives? How might we turn from our sin and follow after God?
  • God makes it clear that His people were to follow Him alone. While we don’t typically struggle with idol worship like they did in the Old Testament, what are some things we can elevate above God in our lives? What might help draw our hearts back to God?
  • Israel was to be the light of God to the nations that surrounded them. How can we, as the church, be the light of Jesus to our communities, neighbors, coworkers, and families?