“Praying For You”

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Questions for Small Groups and Personal Study
I’m Praying For You | Colossians 1:9-14 
#CenterofAllThings  September 26, 20211.Share with the group one main takeaway from the sermon. What impacted you or stuck out to you? 2. Share with the group a time when prayer became an essential part of your life, either you prayed for others or others prayed for you? 3.What should “I’m praying for you” really mean in a church community?  4. Look at and review the content of Paul’s prayer in Col. 9-14. What does he pray for specifically? How is his prayer similar or dissimilar from our own prayer lives or prayer habits? 5. Verse 9 uses words like “knowledge, wisdom and understanding” and then ties those words to a physical walking and outward lifestyle that is pleasing to God. What is the connection between our knowledge of God and our daily lifestyle? What is the danger of disconnecting knowledge and understanding of God from our lifestyle and ethics? 6.Paul says a life fully pleasing to God is a life “bearing fruit, increasing in knowledge, being strengthened with power, and giving thanks.” How do these phrases describe an overview of a truly Christian life? In what ways do you see or you would like to see this being worked out in your own life? Spend some time in prayer. You could have each person pray for 2 or 3 specific things. You could try praying some of the exact words and phrases Paul uses in Colossians 1. When we don’t know how to pray or what to pray; I find letting scripture inform our prayers is a great place to start.