“Parables on Persistence, Prayer and Pride“

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Pastor Jordan | Luke 18:1-17 | Parables on Persistence, Prayer and Pride
QUESTIONS FOR FURTHER STUDY OR SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION IN YOUR HOMES: Maybe jump on a Zoom call or Facetime with friends and family from church and discuss the passage later on in the week. Here are some questions to spur on further discussion and study. 1. What have you prayed for in your life persistently and you’ve received an answer for? What are you currently praying for while still waiting on an answer?
2. What if the answer to your prayer is “wait until I return” to dispense justice? What if God’s answer to your prayer doesn’t happen in the here and now and actually doesn’t happen until the “Son of Man comes”? -Luke 18:18
3. In what ways do we, in our modern context, act just like the Pharisee in Luke 18:9-12?
4. Summarize the posture and attitude we are to have in relation to God from this chapter? (Condense the parables down to a few characteristics of a true faithful believer.) What does a true believer look like and act like according to Luke 18:1-17? 5. Pray for our church during this uncertain time.