Mar 19, 2023
Kiss or Scorn
Series: King David
Are we going to kiss and honor the Son, or are we going to scorn Him?
  • Mar 19, 2023Kiss or Scorn
    Mar 19, 2023
    Kiss or Scorn
    Series: King David
    Are we going to kiss and honor the Son, or are we going to scorn Him?
  • Mar 15, 2023A King’s Prayer
    Mar 15, 2023
    A King’s Prayer
    Series: King David
    Pastor Jordan highlights King David's Prayer of thanksgiving in 2 Samuel 7-8.  David praises God for the undeserving gift of being a part of the Kingdom that will reign forever. We have seen this come to pass because Jesus would come from David's descendants.
  • Mar 5, 2023King David: Kings, Killings, and the Kingdom
    Mar 5, 2023
    King David: Kings, Killings, and the Kingdom
    Series: King David
    Pastor Jordan explains how God works through many generations, and how He brought fourth Jesus, the King of Kings from David's descendants, and that He would be called the Son of David, but also the Son of God: "This is God's redemptive plan, this is not happen stance, or chance, this is history, real people, real events, a real historical timeline if how God is working."
  • Feb 26, 2023King David: Saul’s Last Meal
    Feb 26, 2023
    King David: Saul’s Last Meal
    Series: King David
    Pastor Jordan warns us that "Spiritualism gives you what you want, right now without any sacrifice or repentance." "Spiritualism gives you self sovereignty, self empowerment, and self answers without the sovereignty of God, or God's power at all. You don't have to humble yourself before a Holy God, you don't have to repent of your sins and be willing to pick up your cross and follow Jesus with your life. None of that, you can just get your spiritual fix". "Just choosing the spiritual feely things of life and avoiding the Holy spirit who is a person of the Trinity, not just a force that we can use at our will".
  • Feb 19, 2023King David: David’s Last Resort
    Feb 19, 2023
    King David: David’s Last Resort
    Series: King David
    "He points out that Saul is going to get him..verses saying, 'look, Saul is chasing me, but God is stronger and God has proven himself to be stronger in every step of the way, why am I afraid?' But if David can be in that place, it reminds me that I can be in that place too; and yet God is the same."
  • Feb 12, 2023Reach – The Power & Priorities of Our Local Mission
    Feb 12, 2023
    Reach – The Power & Priorities of Our Local Mission
    Series: (All)
    "God break my heart for what breaks yours in my Jerusalem and Judea"
  • Feb 5, 2023King David: Abigail Saves the Day
    Feb 5, 2023
    King David: Abigail Saves the Day
    Series: King David
    "Don't do evil, because of someone else's evil!"
  • Jan 29, 2023Fear Less, More Love
    Jan 29, 2023
    Fear Less, More Love
    Series: (All)
    "The love of God is the ultimate antidote for fear".
  • Jan 22, 2023Know Grow Serve: Hope is Here
    Jan 22, 2023
    Know Grow Serve: Hope is Here
    "I want to remind myself and each one of us that our hope does not lie in the man we put in the white house, our hope relies on the man we put on the cross."
  • Jan 15, 2023Know Grow Serve: Serve
    Jan 15, 2023
    Know Grow Serve: Serve
    Why is it that we're encouraged to serve one another? Who laid down that example for us? And who's example are we to follow in that?
  • Jan 8, 2023Know Grow Serve: Grow
    Jan 8, 2023
    Know Grow Serve: Grow
    Grow in Christ
  • Jan 1, 2023Know Grow Serve: Know
    Jan 1, 2023
    Know Grow Serve: Know
    What can man do that gives God the most pleasure? it is in the knowledge of Himself. Hosea 6:6 "For I desire mercy and not sacrifice, And the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings".
  • Dec 25, 2022Gifts of Grace: Adoption
    Dec 25, 2022
    Gifts of Grace: Adoption
    "This is grace, not that you just simply avoid punishment or the judgement of God, but that in and by your faith in Jesus Christ, that you would be adopted into his family; Welcomed in as His child."
  • Dec 18, 2022Gifts of Grace: Sanctification
    Dec 18, 2022
    Gifts of Grace: Sanctification
    " Allow your growth to be more like Jesus, to make a difference in the way you do life."
  • Dec 11, 2022Gifts of Grace: Justification
    Dec 11, 2022
    Gifts of Grace: Justification
    Justification: God justifies us by His grace, not by our own merit.
    Romans 3:21-26
  • Dec 4, 2022Gifts of Grace: Faith and Repentance
    Dec 4, 2022
    Gifts of Grace: Faith and Repentance
    In this series, the gifts of grace, we've been looking into the nuts and bolts of salvation. This week we examine the nature of conversion as it relates to the twin graces of faith and repentance.
    Mark 1:15 - “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.”
  • Nov 27, 2022Gifts of Grace:Regeneration
    Nov 27, 2022
    Gifts of Grace:Regeneration
    Ephesians 2:5,  Made us alive together with Christ
  • Nov 6, 2022Choices Have Consequences
    Nov 6, 2022
    Choices Have Consequences
    Series: King David
    "Life is choices. Choices have consequences. Make right choices."
  • Oct 30, 2022The Insanity of God’s Protection
    Oct 30, 2022
    The Insanity of God’s Protection
    Series: King David
  • Oct 23, 2022David and Jonathan’s Friendship
    Oct 23, 2022
    David and Jonathan’s Friendship
    Series: King David