“Like a Good Neighbor”

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Luke 10:21-37
Hope Small Group Questions
Q1: What do you think “Loving your neighbor as yourself” means? 
Q2: What is then motive of the lawyer asking the questions? Review the conversation he has with Jesus. 
Q3: Why do you think Jesus uses a story/parable to answer the lawyer questions? (See Luke 8:9-10 and Luke 10:21) 
Q4: What does the story of the Good Samaritan expose in the hearts of the questioner? What’s Jesus intent in telling the story? 
Q5: Talk about how we tend to only moralize the story of the Good Samaritan? Talk about what Jesus’ endgame is with telling this story and in asking the questions he does at the end? 
Q6: How do we try to justify our self-righteousness apart from Christ? How do other religions do this? (Luke 10:29)