“Kingdom Come or Kingdom Go”

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Scripture Passages: Luke 9:51-10:24, Isaiah 52:3-17
Hope Small Group Questions 
Q1: Do you commit today to be open, honest, and
loving with one another in your group? What does this
mean to you and why would this be important for true
community to exist in your group
Q2: What is the kingdom of God? Why would it be
important we understand the kingdom of God?
Q3: Why could it be challenging for us today in our
modern society to grasp the concept of a “kingdom”
and someone ruling and reigning like Jesus proclaims to
Q4: Examine the three rejected disciples who did not
follow Jesus in Luke 9:57-62. What were their excuses
and what can we learn from these scenarios in our own
Q5: Read Luke 9:2. What does it mean for your group?
Q6: Now pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to
send out laborers into his harvest. – Luke 9:2