“Jesus Brings Change”

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Luke 8:22-56 
Hope Group Sermon Discussion Questions  
1. Talk through each major encounter with Jesus in Luke 8:22-56. How does Jesus bring security, stability, sanctity and salvation through relationship? 
2. Can you resonate and relate with the disciples in Luke 8:22-25? How So? (or any of the characters given in the chapter?) 
3. How does much of Luke 8 and 9 build up to the confession in Luke 9:20? What is Luke doing in showing us this progression? What are you forced as the reader to do when reading through Luke and finally arriving at chapter 9 verse 20? 
4. Discuss the presence of faith and/or the lack of faith in each major encounter here with Jesus? Especially as each encounter with Jesus asks us, in direct and indirect way, the question, “Where is your faith?” (8:25) 
5. Pray together for God increase our faith in his power and ability to bring change into our broken and seemingly impossible situations. Pray for faith to overcome and pray for faith to endure whatever he has for us to face.