“Invest Your Soul”

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“Invest Your Soul” | 1 Peter 4:12-19 
Small Group Discussion Questions
  1. Before you get to your group or maybe during your time as a group; watch the summary of the Bible Project  video on YouTube or their website entitled “Overview: 1 Peter” and discuss it as we near the home stretch of our series “Exiles: Living in Hope” https://youtu.be/WhP7AZQlzCg
  2. How can Peter tell us to rejoice in the fiery trial and in the suffering? Where else in the Bible do we find this theme? 
  3. Compare and discuss 1 Peter 4:16 and Romans 1:16. 
  4. What does Peter mean when he says “those who suffer according to God’s will…? (1 Peter 4:19)
  5. And from that verse (4:19) what does it mean to entrust/commit/deposit your soul to a faithful creator? How can this help and encourage you right now?