“Happy Church”

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Hope Group Sermon Discussion Questions

1) Would you agree with Blaise Pascal that “All men seek happiness. This is without exception”?  Why or why not?
2) What does it mean “to delight”? Does the direction or source of our delight have anything to do with it? (Ps. 1:2, Ps. 37:4, Rom. 7:22)
3) According to Luke 6, why are we, the church, blessed and happy?
4 )In what ways, do the beatitudes in Luke 6 actually encourage you? How can you be happy about reading these “blessings?”
5) Read Psalm 23 together. Consider discussing these questions together in relation to Luke 6.
  • In Psalm 23, Who is David following?
  • What gives him comfort?
  • Is his life easy?
  • Is he happy?
  • Is he blessed?
  • What is the source of hope, happiness, and comfort?
  • What is he holding on to presently?
  • What is he looking forward to in the future?