“Finding Spiritual Life by Following Jesus”

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Luke 9:21-51 
Hope Group Sermon Discussion Questions 
1. To aid our memory, rehash some major points, illustrations and applications of the sermon. How did God speak to you? 
2.  Should we listen to Jesus? Why or why not? What evidence and reason do we have to follow him? 
3. How do you think Luke 9 can be a capstone and climax to our study through the gospel of Luke so far? What do we learn about Jesus, his identity, mission and power, that compels us to follow him from this chapter? 
4. In what ways do you think Jesus’ statements in Luke 9:23-25 are so “counter-cultural” today? 
5. Discuss the paradoxes of Christianity and following Jesus by comparing Luke 9:23-27 and 9:57-62. What is Jesus teaching us? 
6. What do you think picking up a cross and following Jesus means for you today?