Finding God in a Dry Land

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Small Group Questions – Psalms 42 and 43Read Psalms 42 & 43
  1. What condition is the psalmist experiencing in Psalm 42:1-2? If the writer himself is likened to a deer, what do the dried up “streams” represent?
  2. Since the cause was not sin, what elements appear to have triggered the psalmist’s condition? Look through the entire psalm (that is, both Psalms 42 and 43).
  3. How might each “trigger” factor noted in Q.2 apply to you today?
  4. What does the psalmist do to face this condition?
  5. Psalms 42 & 43 point us to the true hope we can have in the midst of trouble. What is that hope and how does the Gospel of Jesus help deepen our understanding of that hope?