“Faithful vs Unfaithful”

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Luke 12:35-13:5
Hope Small Group Questions
Q1: In what ways, should our mindset and lifestyles change if we are to take Luke 12:40 seriously?! 
Q2: How do you understand and apply the following statement to your life? “to whom much has been given much will be required.” (Does the passage surrounding Luke 19:17 give context and added understanding to Luke 12:48?) 
Q3: As a follower of the King and a citizen of his kingdom, what have you been entrusted with and will be required of you upon the King’s return? See 2 Timothy 1:12-14. Why is this such a high responsibility with such grave consequences if we don’t keep it? 
Q4: Compare Jesus’ message in Luke 12:49-53 and John the Baptist message in Luke 3:16-17. What is being said here?