“Doctrine, Deliverance, Demons and Disease”

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Hope Group Sermon Discussion Questions   (2/17/19)

  1. Ice Breaker: What is one thing you are thankful that happened today?


  1. Examine Isaiah 61. Why do think Jesus reads from this passage in Luke 4:18-19? Why do the listeners respond the way they do in Luke 4:20-30?
  1. What is the year of the Lord’s favor and how does it relate to the year of Jubilee? See Luke 4:19 and Leviticus 25.


  1. How does Jesus bring the year of Jubilee and the Lord’s favor upon us?


  1. “Luke says, ‘Imagine what it would be like if you, dear reader, were the one who witnessed these events or were among the ones healed by Jesus’”   – D.L Brock

Put yourself in their shoes, what do you see, what do you feel, what do you think, and what do you take away from all you see Jesus do in Luke Chapter 4?