“Default to Truth and Trust”

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Luke 12:1-12


Q1:  Describe a situation when you’ve misjudged someone’s intentions for the positive or negative. Why do you think we are inherently bad at determining if someone is telling the truth or telling a lie? Why can it be hard to really spot a hypocrite?

Q2:  Do you think we have a “default to truth” when it comes to relationships? Why do you think hypocrisy is so universally reprehensible to us?  

Q3: What are some areas where fear tends to get a hold on you? How can the reasons given in this passage and sermon encourage us to actually not fear?   

Q4: How is a default to truth and a default to trust connected? Or are they?

Q5: What can we learn from Paul’s testimony and Peter’s life testimony that can give us context to this supposed unforgivable sin or line we must not cross? Check out Paul’s testimony in 1 Tim. 1:16 and Peter’s testimony Luke 22:31-34.