“Check Your Heart”

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Hope Group Sermon Discussion Questions
 Luke 6:43-49
1. Ever had a “check your heart” moment? (when our actions, even small things, reveal what’s really going on in our heart) Can you name any, even little things we do all the time, that reveal our heart isn’t following the words of Jesus?  
2. Compare and contrast Luke 6:43-49 and Matt. 7:15-27. What’s the over-all emphasis of the Luke passage and the Mathew passage?
3.  Why would you say the heart is so important and so often emphasized by Jesus? 
4. As a group, examine and discuss the multitude of scriptures that reinforce Jesus’ sermon in Luke 6:43-49. 
Isaiah, 28:16-17, Jeremiah 17:1-13, Psalm 1, Ephesians 2:20, Colossians 2:6-7, James 1:22 and James 3:1-11.