Unstoppable Expansion Acts 8:1-25

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Introduction: A new level of persecution 

  • The Gospel Expands to Samaria
  • Simon the Magician
  • An Ancient Modern Method for the Church

Discussion Questions 

1. Reflect on the challenges faced by the early Christians in Acts 8:1-25. How could they remain faithful and continue spreading the Gospel amid persecution?
2. In Acts 8:4-8, the scattered believers preached the word wherever they went. How can we apply this example to our own lives? How can we boldly share our faith even in difficult circumstances?
3. Simon the Magician was intrigued by the power of the Holy Spirit but had the wrong motivation for seeking it. How can we ensure that our desire for spiritual gifts and experiences aligns with God’s purposes and not our selfish ambitions?
4. The world may look chaotic and out of control, but it is not out of God’s hand. Do you see fear (in the cultural drift, political uncertainty, life experiences, etc.) creating practical distrust for God and discontentment in your life? How do you trust, in humility, the sovereignty of God and His good governance?