NOVEMBER 26, 2023

Stephen Ministry 6:1-7
1. Spotting the Strategies of Satan

2. Problems in the Church Threatens to Divide  

3. Proper Leadership Promotes Unity 

4. Example of Stephen 

5. Right Priorities Result in Multiplication 

Discussion Questions 


1. Run through the storyline of Acts 6:1-7 → What are the key problems? What were the key solutions?  What was the result? 

2. Professional distraction from the leadership of the church can cause a lot of division in a church because people are being forgotten. Often, it’s not the attention given to bad things, but often too many good things so that the best things are left neglected.  How can this happen in a church community? 

3. Now apply question 1 to the nuclear family, not just the church. How is distraction a strategy Satan uses to divide and neutralize a family unit?    

4. Why was it important that the apostles provide strong leadership and set the priorities for the early church? What were those priorities for the leadership? 

Prayer points:

 Pray specifically for the church leadership at Hope. Pray for the congregation to work together and minister through service to one another and to God. Pray God would continue to increase our church through the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray God would raise up the next generation of servant leaders and ministers. Pray we would be shielded from the strategies of Satan, and we would never stop proclaiming the truth.
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