Ronnie and Tandy Seppala live in Managua, Nicaragua with their children Nathaniel, Lydia, and Alondra.  Born and raised in New Hampshire, the Lord has called both of them to serve Him among the lower class in Nicaragua’s capital. In 2006 Ronnie sold his business, packed up his belongings and moved to Nicaragua. He learned Spanish before attending and eventually graduating from Bible Seminary. Tandy joined Ronnie in 2010 and they were married that year.
Since arriving in Nicaragua Ronnie and Tandy have worked with a local mission school: El Padul Christian School also known as Jardín Infantil y Comedor Belen. The school was founded over twenty years ago by two Nicaraguan women. It is maintained by donations and provides it’s students with food, Christian education, and an opportunity to earn a college scholarship. Through the school Ronnie and Tandy are able to minister to a large group of children from impoverished homes. Since December of 2012 Ronnie has pastored the church at the Mission, seeking to transform the families by the teaching of the Word and the proclamation of the Gospel. Ronnie also teaches at the Bible Seminary, delighting in the opportunity to encourage fellow Nicaraguan pastors and Christian workers in their labors for the Lord. Ronnie and Tandy resolve to remain in Nicaragua as faithful vessels of the Lord until he compels them on.
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